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April 22, 2011
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Procession-The Turtling Party by kyuumu Procession-The Turtling Party by kyuumu
School assignment. Had to include 8 figures (XD) and have them regressing in space, hence 'procession'. Notice mine doesn't really do either of these things...

Using lasso painting again. Becoming addicted. Photoshop cs4.

Despite being 32x16 inches wide once printed, photoshop only crashed once. Incredible...

One must wonder why we must burden our machines with having to process such a high resolution image in the waning days of a mackintosh's life span. And they wonder why all the fourth years' macs crash in the last semester.

Long: This ended up being the most amusing of all my school projects this year. We had nearly 5 weeks to work on it. And I suck at long term projects. I know this about myself. I lose interest in my idea and become completely disenchanted with the project. Plus, because there are projects that take precedence time-wise, the long-term one is pushed to the side.

So we had a mid-way project for this one, which was a 'study'. However, I wasn't happy with my composition yet and hated that we were being forced to essentially finish the project 3 weeks before it was due. That, and I was entirely under the wrong idea of what this 'study' was actually suppose to be. It was SUPPOSED to be, apparently, a fully completed, fully rendered, black and white, might-as-well-be-done illustration, done full size in traditional. I didn't realise this, and I turned up with a rough pencil 'study' which short-hand tone. So it was essentially a 'me' study, not a 'hand-in' study. So I got a frowny face on that from my people and wanted to throw it away.

Now, I don't know about anyone else, but when I have a bad memory attached to a project, I instantly want to distance myself from it.

So I did. I scrapped 5 weeks worth of work and 2 days before it was due (this thing had to be printed 32x16 inches, so it was huge) I completely redid my idea and started from scratch.

I go to get it printed, get it home and realise that I hate the corner. So I print out a new corner and glue it on. I then have to explain to my class why the colours in the corner don't match the rest of the print and why it looks like a cut-and-paste paper project. Hurray.

HOWEVER! and this is the point. It is larger than it was!

Ignore that.

No, the point is, it is way better than it was going to be. My original idea was so over-teachered and over-critted and over-redone again and again and the whole project just sucked until the last 2 days when I got to do everything my way. HA! The old one was full of figures looking as bored as I was, the happy and expressive characters I'd started with didn't make the cut in crits and I am now so incredibly sick of 'composing' everything that I went sort of mad.

Why does there always have to be something in the corner?!?!?! Why? Why can't the corner just BE?! So here, I let the corner be. There is an empty space, yes. Deal with it. You don't always have to stuff something into the corner for the sake of 'framing' or 'filling the void' or 'activating the space'. There is such a thing as an 'over-composed' image. And that's an image that looks so 'staged and framed' it's unnerving. (to me anyways...)


My instructors seem to like telling me everything I make is great for kids. Which essentially means everything I make is too god-damn happy for adults to take it seriously or to think that it was made with adults in mind. In which case... they'd be right. My lack of taking things seriously certainly shows in my art. Actually, I'd say it's more of a liking to take things seriously that other people don't, and not taking the things that other people take seriously, seriously. I take silliness VERY seriously. I think that's where me and my school but heads. They like art to be about ego. I hate art ego.

Art ego shows in an illustration. It's sort of like, you can supposedly tell a lot about a lady by the contents of her purse? Well you can tell a lot about an artist through their art. If they use certain colours, and lack of character emotion (or just lack of character happiness)... etc. It's not something I can make a list of, it's just something that's there. You look at something and think 'this image has a lot of ego to it...' which to me means that it takes itself WAY too seriously. And art that takes itself too seriously just turns me off. And THAT'S where me and institutional art instruction butt heads.

Apparently my use of bright greens and that vermilliony-peachy-red (tm) make this image more suitable for kids. *shrug* Not that *I* have a problem with that, but something about how they say it makes me think it's meant to be a little demeaning... 'you won't have a future in game design, it's too happy.'

NOW, having said all of that. Yes, I could have done a little more with the corner. It was suggested fiddling with the receding figures, and/or adding turtle tracks in the sand. All excellent ideas.

What an odd experience this project has been. Besides knowing my time-limits for assignments, I don't quite know what to take away from it yet.

One thing is new, I'm still not tired of looking at it.

And THAT is worth something. You have no idea... (I'm sure you do)

All this (c) me

p.s. apparently the word 'turtling' brings up many different ideas and definitions. This makes me sad. Why do funny words always have to end up being stupid...
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xEarthbendingGirlx Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You are really good....
mirrorplex Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2011
I feel sad when institutions crush free, creative spirits. I work in a biology research lab and the same thing happens here. Glad to see that you came out strong and the artwork is great!

On a side note, I came here to say that you write *really* well---a few years back you were working on a writing project (yes I've been stalking you for that long), did you get to finish it?
kyuumu Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2011   Digital Artist
P.S. no I never finished it. I actually restarted it to fix a lot of errors it had... bad characters etc. Maybe someday, :)
kyuumu Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2011   Digital Artist
Wow really?! It was actually after writing this long description that I realised my sentence structure was terrible... I tend to drag and repeat myself a lot. Anyways, thanks! Maybe I've improved after all from all those angry rants I write, lol.

Thanks for the comment! ^^ And the stalkment!
mirrorplex Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011
Haha, well, I know nothing about sentence structure but there is just something about your writing that makes it flow---like I could just read a wall of text written by you and it can be absorbed in no time, and along the way pick up a few fresh usages of phrases. And that says to me that this is well-written---Believe me, I have had to read a tonne of research papers for my work and there are some that read like I'm dragging myself through broken glass and some that are concise and crisp. Yours is crisp, and of course rants are always entertaining to read!

Aww, hope your story gets fixed and finished some day, I remember it sounded epic, and the world needs more epic (and more zelda fan art from you)!
lyndsaywasko Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2011  Student Digital Artist
As unbearable as the development process sounded, the image came out looking awesome and fun.
kyuumu Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2011   Digital Artist
Haha, a week later it doesn't feel so bad anymore, go figure. XD. Thanks.
TheVioletFox Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Wow, I can feel that pain of having a bad memory attached to a piece. Happened before with a book I made that was bound by ribbon (it was a theme book about little round bells and ribbon, and the instructor even suggested using a thin ribbon). However, when critique came around, she decided to pick up the book BY THE RIBBON and then bobbed it up and down to prove a point of how frail it was. The ribbon snapped, the book fell apart, and she (as well as the rest of the class) started laughing. I didn't want to see that project again after that.

I ended up rebinding it again (hardbound) with a ribbon bookmark just to prove my point. Bah. That instructor was terrible. I hope I get her fired some day.
kyuumu Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2011   Digital Artist
0.0 oh my god. I've seen similar things but never an instructor wrecking a project like that in front of everyone... the worst things my current instructors do is ask random questions to the class that have nothing to do with the art being presented, like if saint patrick's day is tomorrow or not (that happened with this one).

I'm glad to hear you rebound it, I have trouble coming back to old projects but it's a really good habit! I'd love to go back and fix projects I just ran out of time on.

Thanks for sharing! I don't feel quite so bad about ranting/essentially doing a blog post in my art description anymore. Someone read it and it generated discussion! Awesome!
TheVioletFox Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Heh, reminds me of an Art History instructor who gets off topic easily. Although, that's pretty awesome because the more she talks about different wines she's tasted, or how to properly drink absinthe, or some other crazy tale, the less material she covers and the less we're tested on.

Yeah. Makes me think I should post up that theme book. It was a nice little book. As for coming back to projects, I have to for my portfolio reviews. I had to go through one to

And yes, rant away! Your fellow art students will always be able to relate your pain.

Oh, and I forgot to mention beforehand, I love the outfits in this drawing.
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